SOT is a trio operating in the borderland between prog rock, metal and jazz. The band’s well-structured songs, which give plenty of room for impro, offer a music that straddles all the conventional genre boundaries. 
With their self-constructed instrument tubmarine, and drums and guitar, the boys blaze their way through an ever-changing, dynamic prog universe with intense enthusiasm. 
The trio’s 2012 debut album “Kind of Saltz” was given an overwhelmingly positive reception, which the group followed up with a Norwegian tour lasting several weeks. 
SOT followed up the success with the 2014 release “Redwings Nest” which consists of eleven varied, colourful songs with guest appearances by vocal group PUST, a cello ensemble, and SOT’s customary “audiospices”. This release explored the boundaries in lots of orchestration, overdubs and intricate arrangements. More touring followed after this release as well. 
Late autumn 2016 SOT released their third album called “Kogel-Mogel”. 
The dogma for this album was: All Music Is To Be Recorded Live Without Any Overdubs!
This forced the band to work even harder as a collective unit resulting in an immense Sotanic energy!
The album includes guest appearances from the great Polish sax guru Grzech Piotrowski on three tunes. 
SOT is Skjalg Reithaug on guitar, Anders Hunstad on drums, and Lars Andreas Haug on tuba. 
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