Praise for “Kind of Saltz”: 

“ Kind of Saltz in some ways defies description and I think SOT is quite happy about that. It’s clearly music that will appeal to a wide range of prog fans. I’m thinking if you get off on bands like French TV or Forever Einstein you will wet yourself listening to SOT’s Kind of Saltz. Go get a copy and find out. You won’t be disappointed. This is such a happy disc of serious music…how can you not like that?” 

- Jerry Lucky, Progressive Rock Files (May 29, 2012) 

Summing all up, SOT is really a surprising and original band, having a style of its own. SOT is definitely highly recommended for fans of R.I.O. and Avant-garde Progressive Rock, Jazz-Fusion, and Tech-Metal, especially if appreciators of “Zappa”, “King Crimson”, “Henry Cow”, “Spastic Ink”, “Soft Machine”, “Mahavishnu Orchestra”, “Miriodor”, “Rush”, “Primus”, “Spastic Ink”, “The Wrong Object”, “French TV”, “Le Maschere di Clara”, “Outopsya”, “Dialeto”, and their likes.” 

- Marcelo Trotta, Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal (May 10, 2012) 

"Noe av det vi ønsker å oppnå med SOT er å skape en ny musikk som evner å engasjere og overraske. Vi vil skape musikk det ikke går an og forholde seg likegyldig til og få lytterne til å tenke utenfor boksen av satte normer. Interview (Apr 16, 2012) 

“Velrenommerte Skjalg Reithaug, Anders Hunstad og Lars Andreas Haug står bak trioen SOT, som oppfører en kårny og rørig mikstur av progresive rock, jazz og folkemusikk, hvor stilistiske avstikkere etableres og underbygges med uavlatelig hell. Metriske utfordringer, og den snåle besetningen av fuzzgitar, trommer og tuba (eller øvrige blåserinstrumenter) underslår skjelden det kompositoriske. Albumet fremstår dermed poengtert og melodisk spennende. "Tusjpen", med østlige modalverdier, er en favoritt fra ei skive som definitivt må betraktes som en norsk overraskelse.” 

- Geir Larzen, Norway Rock Magazine (Apr 15, 2012) 

"Kind of Saltz" features a strong organic sound production, which further enhances the listening experience. That coupled with the outstanding musicianship and the adventurous songwriting make "Kind of Saltz" quite the enjoyable album. It´s the kind of release where I´m kept on my toes all the way through the playing time. New stylistic elements are introduced constantly and you never know where the songs go. While that may sound chaotic, in reality that´s far from the truth. SOT are skilled songwriters who manage to keep the songs together and incorporate hooks and recognisable elements. 

- Umur, Metal Music Arcives (Apr 02, 2012) 

Dette er en veldig spennende plate fra SOT, som er forkortelse for Salt Of Tusj. Hva det ligger i dette navnet har vi ikke reflektert særlig over, men det vi derimot har tenkt en del på etter å ha hørt "Kind Of Saltz" er at dette er en av de mest interessante platene denne anmelderen har hørt fra norske musikere på en god stund.” 

- AJ Blisten, Puls (Apr 03, 2012) 

“If you enjoy this sort of stylistically schizophrenic technical instrumental rock, SOT will not disappoint. They are extremely advanced composers and performers who put a lot of life and humor into an approach to music that can sound cold in the wrong hands.” 

- js, Jazz Music Arcives (Apr 01, 2012) 

“Det ultrakule med SOT, eller Salt Of Tusj som bandet egentlig heter, er at de ikke bruker bass. Tuba, trompet, trombone og sax er blant instrumentene Lars Andreas trakterer, og det med stort hell! Noen ganger ler man hjertelig over vriene bandet får til, andre rister man håpløst på hodet og innser at ikke alt på skiva burde belyses offentlig, he-he. Men all over er Kind Of Salz en sprek utgivelse som sprer glede og engasjement. ” 

- Yngve M. Jacobsen, (Feb 24, 2012) 

“Overall, this is a varied and immensely entertaining listen that all fans of experimental progressive rock should check out sooner rather than later. I always have a great time when I give Kind of Saltz a listen, and I have a pretty good feeling most other readers will as well. This is an excellent debut from SOT - I'm definitely curious to hear more!” 

- J-Man, Prog Arcives (Mar 26, 2012) 

“It’s a difference between trying to create something “Mahavishnu” or “Crimson” like than creating something from your own inner creative dimension. Be inspired from the inside, not the outside. I also like to stress the importance on being “clairvoyant” when you write. Use your imagination and “see” or “hear” your own unique inner music. Have a vision! Then you are making something original and unique.” 

-Progstravaganza Interview (Apr 12, 2012) 

“Avec Kind of Saltz, les norvégiens de SOT nous font entrer dans un étrange espace-temps, entre chien et loup. Ils y métamorphosent leur configuration atypique si ce n'est en or, en matière suffisamment riche et raffinée pour que l’on y revienne avec de plus en plus de plaisir.” 

- Christophe Manhés, Chromatique (Mar 08, 2012) 

“Schließlich ist Kind of Saltz weit davon entfernt, ein reines Tubaalbum zu sein, viel zu wichtig sind Anders Hunstad am Schlagzeug und Skjalg Reithaug an der Gitarre; viel zu souverän, zu lebendig auch ihr Spiel. Die Dichte des Albums lebt vom Zusammenspiel der drei, ohne einen massiv in den Vordergrund zu stellen. Und das ist dann auch mit die größte Stärke der Band, nicht auf Anhieb hörbar zu machen, wie komplex die Musik tatsächlich ist.” 

- Julian, Progrock-DT (Mar 05, 2012) 

“Om man snabbt vill skaffa sig en bild av vad det är gruppen levererar skall man lyssna på det tuba-kompade gitarrsolot i just låten Schlatan. Jo, tuba ingår i sättningen och den spelar en framträdande roll. Need I say more? Rekommenderas varmt!” 

- Patric Stigsson, Universum Noll (Mar 01, 2012) 

“The result is a heady album with a lot of superb melodies, twists and turns. Not to mention, the many different moods which prevails through the album. The gloom is created by the tuba and the sometimes distorted guitars. The tivoli feeling is created by some nifty guitar picking and the tuba too. That means this album is one a heck of a ride and a great album which should appeal to all avant-garde/RIO fans out there. I am hugely enjoying this album.” 

- Torodd Fuglesteg, Prog Archives (Feb 01, 2012) 

The music is a result of the bands chemistry of the three of us together. I think the most important thing to a great artist is the ability to visualize. When we write for SOT we go in the creative dimension which is built out of SOT´s collective aura. Then you have to be a bit clairvoyant and hear/visualize something in this dimension and then transcribe it down and out to our physical dimension. When you are inspired from your inner flame, rather than outside influences you are creating something personal and unique. Having said that, when I listen to the album I can hear some similarities to bands such as King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Frank Zappa.” 

- Prog Archives Interview (Dec 07, 2011) 

“If Saltz means 'Awesome', that it's more than just "Kind Of..." While some may focus on the gimmick in this Norwegian instrumental band, I find their music to be compelling, eclectic and highly enjoyable, such that the inclusion of a tuba in the lineup seems perfectly natural to me. SOT is a trio consisting of a guitarist, drummer and tuba player. Their music has wide boundaries, lying in the vast lands of rock and jazz, incorporating a variety of sounds and moods, from heavy fast, ever changing and aggressive (Schlatan) to humorous and whimsical (Bartof) to soft and temperate (Tusjpen) to tunes that combine it all (Follower). This variety is what makes this album so appealing to me as it makes it accessible and easy to digest. This 10 track album is a dynamic and ever changing ride; it is a well-executed and thrilling album, that I highly recommend to listen to, especially for those who like intriguing and explorative music.” 

- Assaf Vestin, Hanging Sounds (Dec 24, 2011) 

“Salt is a useful thing. Historically, it was used as an imperial currency, and today, we use it to season fries. Salt now also has the distinction of being the apparent inspiration between Salt of Tusj, a remarkable new act from Norway. Better known as SOT, this left-of-centre jazz trio's debut album 'Kind Of Saltz' dropped at the end of 2011, and what a way to wrap up the year it is. Although jazz fusion is a fairly well-traversed style of music now, SOT replaces the typical trumpet or saxophone fare with a tuba. Combining that with an already experimental sensibility, 'Kind Of Saltz' is both fun and challenging. It is good to hear such a unique take on jazz.” 

- Conor Fynes, (Dec 25, 2011) 

“Any band takes a risk when they experiment with music. Music, an art that has been tested in nearly every way, shape, form, and style in nearly every conception of the human imagination, never ceases to transform itself in the face of the listener. So, when any band takes the common understanding of rock music and starts to play with it, my first reaction is to take the music with a grain of salt (small pun). However, luckily the Norwegian band SOT, their experimentation with avant-garde structures is easily digestible. The band's debut, Kind of Saltz, is an eclectic blend of many different styles mashed together tastefully to make a very interesting album from this young band of talented musicians. The band, formed of three experienced Norwegian musicians, a guitarist, a drummer, and, uniquely, a tubist, effortlessly combine the three guys' many influences, ranging from jazz to folk to metal to pop to much more in between to make a very unique sound.” 

- Andyman1125, (Dec 23, 2011)

Praise for “Redwings Nest”: 

`Redwing's Nest' sees the band building on all the potential they showed on their superb debut while maturing, all the time discovering new exciting musical avenues. It makes this one another album from SOT that comes highly recommended. 

ABB, Prog Archives 

Overall, "Redwing's Nest" is a grand followup to the scorching debut, a showcase of infernal guitar, soothing horns and off kilter jazz drumming. SOT are worth listening to without a doubt and play some of the best instrumentals I have heard in a long while 

ACR, Prog Archives 

Expect both beautiful and oddball excursions along with lots of tight as a tick progression jazz fusion and bits of prog-metal used sparingly throughout. The skill in composition is superior as each minute flows as if it is SOT’s comfort zone. Everything is as smooth as silk with not even one bad move. These three musicians are the definition of perfect chemistry! You’ll still get serious compositions that sound like King Crimson twisted with Klezmer and whirling dervish, lots of schizoid Gentle Giant too. This release is another stunner. ULTRA HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! 

Lee Henderson, Prognaut

“Redwings Nest” is a perfect album without any weak points. 
A superb album 6/6 

Rune Westengen, RB